WATCH: Kid Takes A Bath In 1500 Gallon Pool Of Coca-Cola & Mentos, Fulfilling Childhood Dreams Everywhere

The following video is peak millenial: too much free time and unearned money on their hands. You KNOW that if someone is blowin’ racks on 1,500 gallows on Coca-Cola, then it ain’t their own money. No one in their right minds spends their OWN money on something so worthless.

Luckily for us, though, this kid did. This f*ckin’ guy actually bought 1,500 gallons of Coca-Cola, dumped it in a pool, and mixed in some Mentos (the fresh maker).

Here’s where I get a little confused: what’s up with the drone? I literally don’t see the point of crash landing that drown into the pool of brown sugar water. The video is crap, and not only that, but it ruins the drone.

Honestly, it’s a stupid video, but kid’s love them some Coke & Mentos, so ¬†why not?

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