How Did Game Of Thrones End? Finale Recap & Spoilers

The season 6 finale of Game Of Thrones was entitled The Winds Of Winter, which is also the name of the next novel in A Song Of Ice and Fire.
Game Of Thrones season 6 was by far the show’s best season yet. It was the most expensive, as well as received the best critical ratings of any season. It was also the most viewed season of Game Of Thrones yet, making it a show that has accomplished something no other HBO show ever had: it has increased it’s viewership in six consecutive seasons. That means, without of a doubt, that Game Of Thrones season 7 and 8 will be even bigger and better.
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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Finale “The Wind Of Winter” Spoilers

Kings Landing: The episode opens with various parties duties their preparation for the trial. Quite literally, it shows everyone getting dressed. There is music and no words, and it is both dramatic and ominous. Then, Zombie Mountain is seen arriving at Tommen’s chamber, stopping him from going to the trial. Ser Loras’ trial is first. He admits his guilt to all of his crimes and pledges to the Seven. The High Sparrow accepts and has Loras’ forehead carved with the symbol of the Seven. Loras’ trial is over, except Cersei and Tommen are no where to be found. Margery is the only one who realizes that means something is not right, and warns the High Sparrow that everyone must leave right now. As this is happening, Maester Pacel is led to a dungeon and then murdered by Qyburns’s little birds, who are also little children. They stab the everliving crap out of him. Lancel is also killed by one of these children. However, he was led to where all the wildfire is being stored. He crawls towards it and sees that a candle is burning down, almost at it’s end. The Wildfire explodes in Lancel’s stupid smug face, and it’s awesome. The image of the wildfire exploding is the same as Brans’s previous vision, confirming he can also see into the future. The Cept of Baelor explodes as Cersei and Tommen watch from a distance. The High Sparrow, all the Tyrell’s (including Margery, goodbye beautiful), and a whole bunch of citizens die. Cersei cracks a smile and sips her wine, cause this is par for the course with her. Cersei has that bitch nun in a dungeon somewhere. She gives her an evil speech about how she does things because she enjoys them. She then calls in Zombie Mountain, who is gonna torture and probably rape the nun. It’s messed up. Tommen is staring at King’s Landing from a tower, watching the Cept Of Baelor burn. He walks off screen to take off his crown, then  walks back into frame, and steps out of the window and commits suicide.

The Twins: Walder Fray is giving a speech in the same hall the Red Wedding took place in. Jaime has a discussion with Walder Fray, asking why the Lannisters even need the Frays.

King’s Landing: Cersei sees Tommen’s dead body, and tells Qyburn to burn his body.

The Citadel: Samwell Tarley finally arrive in Old Town. After some  issues with the front desk, he is allowed into the library.

Winterfell: Jon is in a main hall at Winterfell, reminiscing about his childhood with Melisandre. Davos furiously walks in, throwing the toy he made Shereen at Melisandre. Davos makes Melisandre tell Jon that she burned Stannis’ daughter at the stake and demands she be executed. Jon, torn because she revived him, settles for exiling her.
Jon and Sansa share a touching moment, where Jon says that it’s because they won the battle and that she should be lady of Winterfell. Sansa apologizes for not telling Jon about the Knights of the Vale. Sansa says that he should be Lord of Winterfell. Sansa also says a white raven came from the Citadel, meaning: “Winter is here.” It was an awesome line to hear spoke , and signals the end is coming. Jon laughs and responds, “Father always promised, didn’t he?”

Dorne: Lady Oylenna meets with the Maryell ladies in Dorne, seeking to form a partnership. Varys shows up.

Meereen: Daeneyrs and Daario have a talk, and Dany tells him he has to stay in Essos to keep the peace for her. Daario begrudgingly accepts. He seems like a genuinely good dude, so you know his end is near.
Dany and Tyrion have a conversation, where Dany tells Tyrion her fears. Tyrion responds by professing how much he believes in her. After that, Dany pulls out a gift she had made for him. It is a Hand of the Queen crest. Dany names Tyrion Hand of the Queen.

Riverrun: Walder Fray is eatting dinner, as he flirts with the young woman serving him. That girl turns out to be Arya wearing a face. Arya reveals that she has been feeding him his kids. She then tells Fray that her name is Arya Stark, and cuts his throat, and looks him in the eyes as she does.  Arya crosses 3 names off her list.

Winterfell:  Littlefinger yet again makes a creepy move on Sansa. Sansa shuts him down.

North of the Wall: Benjen drops off Bran at a Weirwood tree close to the wall. He cannot go with him because the magic prevents the dead from crossing, and Benjen is too dead to cross. Bran has a vision of The Tower of Joy from episode 3. Bran learns about who Jon’s parents really are. Lyanna Stark is Jon Snow’s mother. The R + L= J  theory is finally confirmed.

Winterfell: A meeting is held between all the lords of the north, including the houses that turned the Starks down, like House Manderlay and House Glover. There is much deliberation, until little Lady Mormont steps up to speak. She basically calls all the lords as bunch of wimps, and claims that “the north remembers” and that the only king in the North is a Stark.” Thanks to help from Lady Mormont, Jon Snow is named the White Wolf, and the King In The North. All in attendance begin chanting “King in the north!”, an awesome call back to when his now cousin Robb was named King.

King’s Landing: Jaime returns to King’s Landing just as Cersei is being named Queen. He does not look too thrilled.

The Narrow Sea: Daneyers, Theon, Yara, Tyrion, Missandei, Vayrs, Greyworm, and Dany’s naval fleet are finally sailing for Westeros.





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