Bronn, Game Of Thrones Best Character, Is Finally Returning This Week! Let's Relive His Best Moments

Game Of Thrones has brutally killed off favorite characters like it’s no ones business, however, the most outrage comes from a character they haven’t killed off.
Bronn, who was introduced way back in season 1, has yet to make an  appearance this year. A major fan-favorite, Bronn is almost universally beloved due to his generally cool, honest, laid back, “I don’t give a damn” nature. I mean, his two favorite hobbies are literally fighting and f*cking. While Bronn is a minor character in the book series, his role is greatly expanded in the TV show, a ingenious decision by the showrunners.

Bronn is sarcastic, with a dark sense of humor. He is pragmatic man with an amoral philosophy for life. However, he is not completely heartless, nor is he sadistic. In fact, he’s one of the more relatively level-headed people in the show. He openly expresses sympathy to Tyrion after making the pragmatic decision not to champion him during his second trial by combat. After Tyrion asks him if he would murder an innocent baby in front of her mother without question, Bronn denies it and claims that he would ask for a price, implying that he would demand a very high price for such a despicable deed. Despite Bronn’s avaricious nature, which is sneered at by more honorable knights, he is a skilled and dangerous fighter. In fact, Bronn actually has the second most on-screen kills in Game Of Thrones, trailing only the Wilding giant with 24 kills.

So, with Bronn FINALLY returning this week, let’s relive all his greatest, most hilarious moments.
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