WATCH: WWE Stars Recreate The ‘Austin 3:16’ Promo On Its 20th Anniversary

The WWE’s Attitude Era holds a very sentimental place in my heart. I was just old enough to start developing, like, opinions, so the WWE was the perfect starting place. The Rock or Stone Cold? Triple H or The Undertaker? The WWE Attitude Era was, and will always be, the peak of wrestling.
One of, if not the, main reasons the WWE was so successful during this time was because of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was a heel to begin, but was just so damn likeable, they ended up making him a baby-face. Actually, he might be the only baby-face in the company’s history that was such a complete and utter prick.
If you watched wrestling at any point in your life, then you’ve surely seen Stone Cold’s famous “Austin 3:16” rant. In fact, it was this moment that is credited with giving birth to Stone Cold as the face of the franchise. Today is the 20th anniversary of that legendary speech, so the WWE rounded up today’s crap roster superstars to recreate the legendary moment.

Nostalgia for the win.
And if you want to see the speech from the man himself, here it is:


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