Kassidy Cook Is A US Olympian Diver You'll Want To Watch

Kassidy Cook is a diver who broke onto the Rio Summer Olympics Dive Team, representing Team USA. This chick is sure to be a fan favorite. Not only does she seem like a young athlete out there having fun, we’d be lying if we didn’t mention that she’s very easy on the eyes. Kassidy swims for Stanford University (well, technically she took a year sabbatical to train for the games), and is one of the four current student-athletes the Cardinal are sending to Rio.

Sadly, Kassidy just missed out on the 2012 London Summer Olympics but we’re sure she’s out looking for revenge this year. Recovering from a number of injuries and missing the Olympics by one spot will do that to you.
Update 8/9/2016: Apparently the word on Kassidy is out, and now dudes like Kyrie Irving are all up on her snap story.
Check out her best photos below.

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