Feel Like Crying Today? Then Watch This Trailer For The Upcoming Documentary About Steve Gleason, The Man Who Saved New Orleans Saints Football

Some of you may actually be too young to remember this (I can’t believe I just said that. I feel old AF), but before Drew Brees & Sean Peyton saved the Saints, there was Steve Gleason. Gleason is a former professional football player who played safety for the New Orleans Saints. Originally signed by the Indianapolis Colts as an undrafted free agent in 2000, he played for the Saints through the 2007 season, and retired from the NFL in 2008. However, despite his lackluster statistics, Gleason is well known, respected, and loved for his blocked punt in a 2006 game that became a symbol of recovery in New Orleans in the team’s first home game after Hurricane Katrina. He almost immediately became a folk hero. If you’ve never seen it before, check out the play below. It’s powerful stuff.


Unfortunately, in 2011, Gleason revealed that he was diagnosed with ALS, and has been fighting the disease ever since. Beginning in 2011, he collaborated with a filmmaker, Sean Pamphilon, to document his life with ALS for his unborn son. The first trailer for the documentary was released this week, and it is some seriously tear-jerking stuff. The amount of courage and spirit this man has is almost immeasurable. Actually, scratch that. His spirit is unmeasurable,


What a guy. Any human would be lucky to have this man as their father.

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