Derrick Rose Traded To The NY Knicks In Exchange For Our Black Sheep

Derrick Rose has been traded to the NY Knicks for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, and Jose Calderon. In return, the Bulls are sending a 2nd round pick to the Knicks in 2017 and Justin Holiday.

How should you feel if you’re a Knicks fan? Good question. A good amount of Knicks fans will be upset that we’re losing RoLo and Jerian Grant. All Knicks fans will be excited we’re losing Jose Calderon (who we all knew would take a lot to trade). Now the Knicks are without a starting Center, so I’m hoping that Phil Jackson has something up his sleeve.

The upside is that we’re in New York, so free agency possibilities are as follows: Horford (we can’t really afford him), Dwight Howard (this is probably going to happen so help me Jesus), Joakim Noah (I love this guy but please don’t), or Al Jefferson (best post player in the game but no way that Phil Jackson does this).

On the flip side of the coin, a good amount of Bulls fans are upset that they’ll see Derrick Rose in another jersey–especially a Knicks one.

Derrick Rose Contract

Derrick Rose is going into a contract year, something we all know makes players perform exponentially better. Rose will be using this one year opportunity on the Knicks to prove that he’s still got it, and the Knicks will gamble and hope that he performs at even 70% of what he was years ago. Whatever happens, the Knicks will once again not be a dangerous team late in the season BUT….

Derrick Rose’s contract in 2016 is worth $24 million, around the same amount ($2 million less) than RoLo and Calderon were set to make next year. So if we can land a solid Center for the next year, I think the trade will be a wash.

The big thing is now which center can we get?

Twitter Reactions To The Trade

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