Millionaire CEO Caught Stealing, Reminding Us That Some People Just Straight-Up Suck

First things first: this man should have been arrested on principle for the horrendous, hole-punched, hipster shirt he’s wearing. I F*CKING HATE PEOPLE WHO BUY SHIRTS WITH HOLES IN THEM. YOU LOOK F*CKING RIDICULOUS!!!

Wooooo, that felt good. Anyway, I want you to meetĀ Oliver Camilo. Camilo ain’t no average joe, in fact, he’s far from it. Camilo is actuall the CEO of a multi-million dollar company called Moji. Moji, as you probably guess, is some sort of bullsh*t emoji company that makes custom emoji keyboard. Or something like that. What they exactly do isn’t the point. The point is that they’re a pretty major company, and their CEO is pretty damn rich. And yet, here he is stealing $800 cameras. What a douche.

Also, OLIVER, if you’re gonna be a thief, at the very least, be a good liar. You were busted from the second you opened your mouth.

[h/t Brobible]

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