Clint Lampkin Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Pulse Nightclub Liar

This past Saturday, hundreds of people gathered in Rocket City, Alabama, to hold a candlelight vigil for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy. While they were there, they were captivated by an impromptu speech by a man named Clint Lampkin, who claimed to be a survivor of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando.“I was in the bar when it all happened,” Clint told the crowd. However, it turns out Clint is just a filthy, attention-seeking liar.
As it turns out, one of Clint’s Facebook friends sent this screenshot to WHNT News:

His defense of his lie is even worse. Not only is this guy a liar, but a bad liar at that. According to WHNT:

WHNT News 19 employees spoke to Clint over the phone Monday, and he says his Facebook account was hacked and that he never made that post. He still claims he was at the Pulse Nightclub the night of the shooting. “I have really bad anxiety attacks, so I just kinda, I don’t know, my mind is just gone,” he told us on Saturday.
We asked him for additional details surrounding the night of the shooting Monday over the phone, and he gave us the same response – that the trauma of what he’s witnessed has erased his memory.
“I did lose a friend that got shot,” he told the crowd Saturday. We asked Clint for the name of his friend who he said died inside the club. He answered that he had only known each other for a short time and didn’t remember the victim’s name.

Yeah, sure Clint, you were “hacked”. You were hacked by your selfish intentions.

[h/t WHNT]

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