This Terrible Person Lied About Being At Pulse Night Club For 15 Minutes Of Fame, Should Probably Go To Hell

This past Sunday, hundreds upon hundreds of people were moved by a man named Clint Lampkin, who claimed that he was at Pulse Nightclub at the time of the horrific Orlando nightclub shooting. His speech at the Rocket City Pride memorial, his story, and the fact that he lost a friend to the shooting brought people to tears.
But now those tears have turned to anger as we’re learning that Clint’s probably a bold-faced f*cking liar. And the worst kind: the kind of person who will try to refocus a tragedy and make it about himself.

Who Is Clint Lampkin?

Clint Lampkin is a man living in the Orlando, Florida area who claims that he was at Pulse Nightclub when Omar Mateen killed 49 people.
He decided to make an impromptu speech at the Rocket City Pride memorial in Huntsville for the victims of the shooting. “I was in the bar when it all happened,” Clint Lampkin told the crowd. “It’s been hard on me… seeing people get shot.” His words received a standing ovation from the entire crowd.
You can see part of that speech in the video below.

You can also see the Facebook post he made on the morning after the Pulse shooting where he linked to an article on the tragedy and added the words “Glad I wasn’t at that one.”

What Happened?

So after seeing Clint’s memorial speech, a Facebook friend of Clint sent a screenshot of that status to WHNT. The news station then approached Clint, after which he doubled-down on saying that his Facebook was hacked that night. Clint, celebrities are the only ones who can use that line. You are not a celebrity. No one hacked your account.
When WHNT asked him about his friend who was shot, Clint responded that he had only known him for a short time, and that he had forgotten his friend’s name.

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