An Anti-Aging Drug Has Just Been Approved For Human Trials, Proving The Future Is Now

Science! Gotta love science, man. I have zero clue how it works, but most people don’t, and it’s worked out for us so far. There’s a bunch of scientific mumbo-jumbo involved in this story, so I’ll try and put it in layman terms.
A new drug, or uh, compound, called nicotinamide mono nucleotide (science!), has been shown to slow down the aging process and extend the lifespans of mice. It’s always the mice. Anyway, the mice trials were such a success that the drug has been approved for human trials.
According to The Japan News:

A planned collaborative clinical trial devised by researchers from both Washington University in St. Louis and Keio University in Japan are set to test the effectiveness and safety of the compound. Starting next month, about 10 healthy people will be administered NMN to see if can improve bodily function and stave off the effects of aging. Should it work, it would become the first bona fide anti-aging intervention available on the market.

If it does pass human trials, this sounds like quite the investment. American women alone would be able to sustain this business. However unfortunately, scientists have good reason to believe it won’t. Reportedly, mice studies, particularly those involving aging, don’t translate well to humans. Yeah, no sh*t.
However, NMN could have a positive effect on human physiology. Even if the effects aren’t as dramatic on humans as they are on mice, this compound could still be used to boost human health.
So, we’ll see. If it does end up working, you can count me in as one of the initial investors.
If you want to read more about the drug, including all the science-y stuff, click here.

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