Do You See A Lake In This Picture? Guess What. You’re Wrong.

This is just a regular ol’ picture of a mountain with a lake in front of it, right? Nope. Wrong. Yup, this is a another one of those bullsh*t optical illusions. Hopefully, it won’t have the same wildfire like affect that the stupid dress optical illusion did.

So what’s the illusion, or more importantly, what the hell are we looking at? Well, (30 For 30 voice), what if I told you that this wasn’t a lake, but actually a concrete wall? What if I told you that your mind just got f*cked?

Don’t see it yet? Okay, I’ll spare you.

Lake Illusion Photo

Intense, right? I know. This is peak journalism right here.

You feel stupid yet? Good. You should.

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