Is This Banned German Commercial The Most Bizarre/Disturbing Commercial You’ve Ever Seen? (Hint: The Answer Is Yes)

Check out the commercial, then we’ll discuss:

Ok so right off the bat, I’ve got load of questions:

-The pickles are supposed to be the TMNT’s junk, right?

-If so,  how could portraying your product as male genitalia POSSIBLY help with sales?!

-Why is the TMNT so hyped about getting undressed?

-Why is the dude with the wild hair so hyped about the TMNT being hyped about getting undressed?

-I always thought the German’s were intelligent, forward thinking people but this lone commercial might have set them back decades.

So, is this the most f*cked up commercial you’ve ever seen? If it isn’t, you really need to stop watching TV, bro.

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