Sikh Man Breaks Religion, Removes Turban To Save A Drowning Dog, Is Definitely Going To Heaven

I don’t know anything about the Sikhism, and I won’t pretend to. However I DO know that the removing of one’s turban is a big no no. However, Sarwan Singh, 28,  reneged his religion’s rules in an attempt to save a life. Well worth it if you ask me. [lead image via Metro]
In Punjab, India, Sarwan Singh, removed his turban to use it to free a drowning dog from an irrigation canal. Maybe the most amazing part of this whole story is that Sarwan actually does not know how to swim, yet risked his life anyway.
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According to Sarwan:

The moment I started taking off my turban, people watching around were shocked. They thought I was disrespecting my faith. But what was important at that point was to save the animal’s lifeThe dog wasn’t comfortable. He was not coming to me at all. We had to follow him for around 200 meters before I was able to wrap my turban around his neck and pull him to safety. The dog was frightened, so I fed him some biscuits and let him go on his own.”

According to Metro, wearing a turban is one of the five articles of faith in Sikhism. It is a doctrine of Sikhism that one can only remove their turbans at home or while bathing. However, Saman basically thought to himself: “F*ck that. I’m doing the right thing.” And because he did, an innocent animal’s life was saved.
This is my kinda guy. We need more people like him in this world.
Sarwan, if we ever cross pathes, drinks are on me.
[h/t Metro]

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