Ellen Sued For Making Fun Of Woman's Incredibly Unfortunate Name

You’d think a woman named “Titi Pierce” would develop some thick skin about her unlucky name. Apparently not though. Titi Pierce, who pronounces her name “Tee Tee” is suing Ellen DeGeneres for defamation and invasion of privacy after Ellen pronounced her name “Tittie” on her daytime talk show. Get this, the Georgia woman claims in her lawsuit that never in her 35 years has anyone never pronounced her name that way. Oh sure, of course not.
The said incident took place on the February 22nd edition of The Ellen Show when, in a segment called “What’s Wrong With These Ads… and These Signs?” Ellen displayed a sign with the realtor’s name to howling laughter from the studio audience. Ms.  But let’s be honest, she should really be suing her parents for defamation for naming her that. And if she was so worried about her privacy then suing Ellen DeGeneres is a grave miscalculation. Before the lawsuit only Ellen’s viewership of a few million suburban housewives had ever heard the teasing and most of them had probably forgotten it by now. But now because of this lawsuit and the magical powers of the internet, exponentially more people will know you, Titi Pierce, as the boob mocked by Ellen.
(Joke begins at 2:47 mark of video below)


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