WATCH: Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 "No One" Preview

Game Of Thrones is nearing the end of perhaps it’s strongest season. With the return of major characters like Jon Snow, Bronn, and The Hound, Game Of Thrones has been firing on all cylinders. Between the Faith Militant taking control of King’s Landing, the Bolton’s still holding Winterfel, the Starks raising their army, and the White Walkers on their way, the end of this season is sure to be explosive.
In “No One”, it appears Jaime will be attempting to progress his siege of Riverrun, until Brienne of Tarth shows up to convince him otherwise. Also, Arya, surviving an attack from The Waif, is still on the run.
The synopsis for “No One”:

While Jaime weighs his options, Cersei answers a request. Tyrion’s plans bear fruit. Arya faces a new test.

And the preview:

My thoughts:
-We will FINALLY be seeing FrankenMountain in all of his ass-kicking zombie glory. FINALLY! Perfect timing too, cause I’ve f*cking had it with the Faith Militant.
-Aw. A Jaime and Brienne ruin. Aw. Too bad it won’t last long, as they are very clearly on opposing sides. Should Jaime attack the castle, honor would compel Brienne to fight Jaime. And man, I would love to see a rematch between those two.
-The Waif is going to die this week. Calling it.
-The Hound is back to smashing skulls in. Fantastic. The Hound is an easy top 5 character in my book.
-Who could possibly be choking Podric? The dude literally doesn’t do anything other than slang his D.
-Tyrion looks like he’s messing with the dragons again. What a wasted season it’s been for Tyrion so far. Let’s hope these last three episode redeem his year.
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