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Smith Family: Full Story & Photos Of Powerball Winners


NJ Powerball Winners

The New Jersey Lottery announced at a press conference today that the Smith family are the winners of last week’s Powerball. The announcement was made at the New Jersey Lottery’s headquarters in Trenton. Out of all the tickets purchased, only the Smith family scored all six lottery numbers correctly. The winning numbers were 5-25-26-44-66 and the Powerball number was 9.

The ticket was purchased with cash and is valued to be worth $284+ million. This Powerball jackpot is valued as the sixth-highest Powerball jackpot ever. They made $284 million with just $6.

That kind of investment is good news for the family because there are a total of eight of them (including the mother who bought the ticket).

The Winning Ticket


Although the tickets were purchased for the family, the spokesperson for the Smith family said that their mother was the one who physically bought the tickets.

You might not know this, but the establishment that sells the winning Powerball ticket also wins a prize. The winning ticket was sold at a 7-11 in Trenton, NJ on Chambers Street, so the owners (Andrea Shin and Luis Soler) were also awarded a $30,000 prize. Since most of the customers who frequent that 7-11 are residents, the owners believe there’s a good chance that the winner is a local.

“They spent $6 to win $284 million. That’s a pretty good investment,” Carole Hedinger, the New Jersey Lottery’s executive director, said earlier this week.

The Smith Family

Valerie Smith Powerball Winner

Valerie Arthur Smith spoke to media today about her family. She revealed that along with her mother and herself, they would be splitting the tickets among their siblings (who also appeared): Jackie, Marsha, Tracy, Steven, Catherine, Renee.

Valerie revealed that the numbers had come to them in a dream, but she wouldn’t reveal what the dream was about or who had the dream.

Live Stream The Conference

The conference is scheduled to begin at 3 PM.

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