Indiana SAE Vandalized With Swastika Over Passover

The SAE fraternity house and accompanying parking lot at Indiana University were vandalized on Friday morning, the Indiana Daily Student reports. The property damaged included fraternity brothers’ cars and the house itself, spray painted with smiley faces and at least one swastika.
There’s no right time to graffiti someone’s property with a swastika, but doing it during Passover is some seriously deranged sh*t.
The vandalism occurred on Friday morning, between 3:16 and 3:20 AM at the SAE fraternity house located at the 1100 block of North Jordan Avenue.
The IU Police Department admits that the random nature of the phrases and symbols, along with the random selection of vehicles and diversity of the members of the fraternity, lead them to believe the vandalism was not committed as an act against any particular person or group.
“Nevertheless, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the success of Indiana University, and we strive to create a culture of respect among our students, staff, faculty, and administrators, said Indiana University Police Department Public Information Officer Capt. Andy Stephensen. “Indiana University does not tolerate acts of hate or bias, and all members of the IU community are expected to treat others with dignity. Acts such as this, especially around the important holiday of Passover, are antithetical to our values, and we condemn them.”

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