Here's The Psych Major Busted For Threatening To Bomb A Trump Rally

Cops say that Sean Morkys made a joke about bombing a Donald Trump rally in Connecticut yesterday — and, as you can see in this mug shot, he sure looks like the perfect cliché of a lil’ snowflake who can’t imagine a world where Donald Trump is, like, a Presidential candidate for real who gets things like Secret Service protection.
And so this 20-year-old Psych major at Southern Connecticut State University decided it would be clever to go to Twitter and ask, “Is someone going to bomb the Trump rally or am I going to have to?” After all, it’s not like the nation was recently marking the anniversary of a horrific mass murder where plenty of internet threats were ignored by local authorities, right?
Also, to really make the joke work, Sean added a Tweet where he told his friends that family members should avoid the rally so they didn’t get killed.

But, dude, the Connecticut State Police, the Secret Service, and the local police department were totally uncool about this Daily Show-level satire, and traveled to Sean’s nice suburban home in Waterbury to arrest him on Saturday afternoon. He was even charged with “inciting injury to [a] person or property” and released on a $250,000 bond until a future court date.
In Sean’s defense, he got the last laugh when the cops had to admit that he wasn’t an imminent threat! We’re sure the self-described “metal head” (according to his Instagram profile) is enjoying an ironic throwing of the Sign of the Horns over that exciting news. Party on, Sean!

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