Quantum Break Review: Must-See Details & Screenshots

Since the embarrassing full-motion video days of Dragon’s Lair and Night Trap, pundits have predicted a time when movies and video games would fuse into one. While we still might not have made it to that point, and probably never will, Quantum Break is the closest thing yet to fulfilling that vision. The time-bending action saga — filmed in live-action with network-level standards — plunges you into a dystopian society, with the story’s twists adjusting to your gameplay.

Game: Quantum Break
Consoles: Xbox One (reviewed), PC
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Release Date: April 5

The level of talent and production value in the game’s TV show portion far surpasses anything that’s come before. Shawn Ashmore plays protagonist Jack Joyce, Aidan Gillen is villain Paul Serene, Dominic Monaghan is Jack’s smart-guy sidekick brother, William, and Lance Reddick plays Martin Hatch, Paul’s lackey. Choices you make in the game spark entirely different scenes, adding nuance to the way the plot unfolds. Also, watching the show tends to influence the way you play the game, as the drama builds up loyalties that last between scenes. Much of the live-action portion is focused on the enemies, while the gameplay puts you in control of the heroes. Your powers let you manipulate time to solve puzzles and dispatch enemies, and the story cleverly comes up with different ways to get you to exploit those powers.

You’d expect some awkwardness in a game in which live action and gameplay are so closely related, but the transitions are surprisingly smooth. Veterans of Metal Gear Solid will be most at home with the way the long, dramatic scenes relate to the game. Remedy’s previous efforts, especially Alan Wake, are also deep influences on the way the story develops. Remedy was also behind the Max Payne series, and the game’s combat aspects echo some of those titles’ most impressive set pieces. The time spent cooking in the oven — the game was delayed for several years — definitely paid off for the surprisingly polished Quantum Break.

Although some early players have griped about long loading times, clipped animations and audio foibles, Remedy has assured us that those glitches have been spotted and will be taken care of in a day-one patch. Developers have been coy about expansions via downloadable content, but since additional cut scenes would involve reshoots, it’s likely that any DLC will be restricted to gameplay. We can hope for deleted-scenes like supplements that fill in some of the backstory.

Quantum Break may not quite be a playable TV show, but it’s close enough to provide the wow factor, making it one of the most appealing games to buy to show off what the Xbox One is capable of. Endlessly replayable due to the branching story paths qualities, the game calls you back in after the credits roll to make new choices and see how they ripple across the rest of the story. With a story and gameplay that live up to its promise, Quantum Break is one of the most satisfying Xbox One exclusives yet.

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Quantum Break Screenshots

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