Best PS4 Games: Top 5 Best New Games Coming Out In March 2016

A trio of exclusives make March a great month to be a PS4 owner. First up is a remastered version of the 2010 cult hit Heavy Rain, which tasks you to tangle with the twisted mind of a serial killer. The dystopian office dungeon crawler Republique and the vividly lifelike baseball sim MLB The Show 16 follow suit. PS4 owners also get to take on the month’s big multiplatform releases — Hitman and Tom Clancy’s The Division.
Here’s a look at the best PS4 games coming out in March:

5. Republique

Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Camouflaj
Release date: March 22

Originally released episodically on smartphones, all five episodes of this dystopian drama are rounded up and lumped into a single experience worthy of a full-featured PS4 edition. You communicate with the heroine by manipulating cameras and selecting commands, helping her unlock doors, avoid enemies and hack security systems to make her way through a corporate labyrinth.
Pre-order Republique here

4. Heavy Rain

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Quantic Dream
Release date: March 1

The groundbreaking 2010 PS3 crime drama gets new life on the PS4. Continuing Sony’s steady flow of previous-gen remasters for the current system, developers will upgrade the already stunning graphics and sound to current standards, taking full advantage of the PS4’s capabilities. The story follows several characters affected by a serial killer, with adventure game-style point-and-click mechanics and action scenes controlled by motion and quick-time events.
Pre-order Heavy Rain here

3. MLB The Show 16

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: SCE San Diego Studio
Release date: March 29

Due to licensing deals, Sony wound up with a stranglehold on the baseball game market, and can mock Xbox One-owning friends who have to settle for the awful RBI Baseball downloads. Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson is on the cover, and adjusted game mechanics look to help you handle the hot corner like Donaldson, with enhanced fielding controls and a bullet time-style slow-down effect that lets you pull off spectacular plays.
Pre-order MLB The Show 16 here

2. Tom Clancy’s The Division

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Massive
Release date: March 8

Promising a robust single-player campaign, The Division tosses you into a New York thrown into chaos with the release of a biological weapon that has shut down utilities, roads and services and left society vulnerable to foreign takeover. Using stealth, tactics and the occasional well-timed rocket launcher blast, you infiltrate enemy encampments and strike back at the mysterious enemy. There will also be plenty of online action for you and likeminded squadmates.
Pre-order Tom Clancy’s The Division here

1. Hitman

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: IO Interactive
Release date: March 11

Square Enix is starting from scratch to revitalize one of gaming’s most intimidating icons. Agent 47 slinks back into action in the first of several episodic releases, moving in the shadows to take out targets and craftily make them look like accidents in order to pick up the biggest payouts. You can buy a season pass to get access to the entire saga upfront, or check out the first episode and see if it’s your thing before spending more cash to continue your throat-slashing, corpse-stashing adventures.
Pre-oder Hitman here


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