WATCH: Jake Croman, Michigan Student, Embarassingly Abuses Uber Driver

University of Michigan student Jake Croman went viral for the wrong reasons after a video of him harassing Uber driver Arthur Zawada, 50, in Ann Arbor hit the web.
Here’s the story, according to the driver Arthur:

This is 4th time that I have been harassed by this rider and his friends. Nov. Dec. and twice in March. I told him on 3rd occasion that I requested Uber to banned him but he is/was using friends accounts. Told him and his friends that I will not take them and that he/they need to get out of my car….. For that I was falsely accused, called names etc. 4th time… Rider knew from Uber application who is the driver. He had option to cancel to avoid any issues but he/they proceeded to abuse, harrase, belittle and provoke like kindergarten thugs.

Jake, on the other hand, has since responded to the situation. Here’s what he says.

This video shows one side of an argument I had with an Uber driver two weeks ago after he refused to pick me up on the basis of my religion. What you don’t see in the video is that the driver had made a number of offensive anti-Semitic remarks that provoked my response. I am not proud of my reaction to his discrimination and I regret my choice of words. Shortly after the verbal altercation, I filed a complaint with the Ann Arbor police department and they are now dealing with the issue.

While he’s absolutely right, that the video does only show one side of the argument, I’d like to point out that he’s the son of infamous NYC slumlord Steven Croman who is hated by many New Yorkers for being a real menuval. So for that reason, I personally am going to side with the 50-year-old driver here.
Keep in mind Jake is a freshman, an idiot. And even worse, a TKE brother.
Although Jake doesn’t physically assault his Uber driver like Anjali Ramkissoon infamously did during her drunken Miami tirade a few months ago, Jake did embarrass himself, his friends, and more importantly his school during the encounter. A UMichigan spokesman told The Tab newspaper:

“We have seen the video. Our dean of students has talked with both the Uber driver and the students. We are extremely disappointed in the behavior depicted in this video. No one should be treated with such disrespect.”

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