Sarah Isgur Photos: Must See Pictures of Strategist

sarah isgur photos

Sarah Isgur Flores is believed to be one of the five women involved in the Ted Cruz sex scandal.
Although there’s no outright evidence that proves Sarah (a Republican strategist who used to work for Carly Fiorina) is directly involved with Cruz, pixelated photos published in The National Enquirer have led people to believe it’s Sarah.
Interestingly enough, early in Carly Fiorina’s campaign she received a $500,000 donation from Ted Cruz’s Super PAC: Keep The Promise I. Now people believe that the donation was “hush money” to keep things under wraps.
Again, we have no proof nor do we want to say that Sarah was ever involved with Ted Cruz in any capacity, but the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal is big news today. Check out Sarah’s photos below.

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Katrina Pierson Photos: Must-See Pictures of Spokesman
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