Marsha Reynolds: Full Story on LAX Cocaine Smuggler

Marsha Gay Reynolds, the Jet Blue flight attendant who late last week attempted to smuggle cocaine onto an airplane at LAX, turned herself in to Federal authorities in New York.
Reynold’s story went viral late last week after authorities reported that an unknown woman carrying a “known crewmember badge” had been chosen for a random secondary search. Upon realizing she would be searched, Marsha stepped out of line, made a phone call, and then ran. At first she left carrying her bags and Gucci shoes, but soon dumped both and escaped.
Scared it might be a bomb, the TSA didn’t chase after her. Instead they called in a dog and waited. Police discovered that Marsha’s bag contained 70 pounds of cocaine wrapped in green cellophane labeled “BIG Ranch.”

Who Is Marsha Reynolds?

Marsha is a 32-year-old flight attendant for Jet Blue. She’s a graduate of New York University, where she studied English and Creative Writing. In addition to studying, Marsha also competed on the NYU Track team in 2004 which might explain how she was able to escape the police.
You’ll also probably be interested to know that Marsha was a former beauty pageant contestant. Not only was Marsha the third-place winner of the 2008 Miss Jamaica World and runner-up in the 2007 Miss Jamaica Universe, she was first runner-up in Miss Jamaica US back in 2005.


What Happened After Marsha’s Escape?

After Marsha ditched her shoes and bag, she was able to escape from the police. Incredibly, she then showed up to another flight to another red-eye flight from LAX to New York City.
It’s currently unknown what made Marsha decide to turn herself in, but we can say that she entered into Federal custody as of Wednesday afternoon. She’s scheduled to appear in court on Thursday before she’s sent back to Los Angeles.
This story is developing. Refresh for updates.

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