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WATCH: Katt Williams Full Fight Video Shows Kid Was Real Punk


Katt Williams Full Fight Video

Yesterday video of Katt Williams losing a fight with a teenager went viral. It was tough to know the full story because we only saw clips, but now a young man named Ryan Carr has uploaded the full video of what went down.

Even though the video┬ástill shows Katt somewhat embarassingly getting handled, it also shows that the teenager was being a punk and that the people around him did not appreciate the fact that he was “ruining it for everybody.”

So what was he ruining? Katt Williams showed up to the hood in Gainesville, GA completely unannounced and played soccer with a bunch of kids. After the game, you can see the punk follow Katt Williams, keep chirping even when it’s clear Katt wants nothing to do with him, then gets all up in his face.

Check out the video below:

Notice how the punk realizes what he’s actually done after he gets Katt into a chokehold.

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