Donald Trump Is Not Happy About This Sexy Melania Trump Meme, Attacks Ted Cruz's Wife in Response

The GOP circus continues onward with Donald Trump going after Ted Cruz’s wife on Twitter because, of course he did.
The GOP frontrunner tweeted out an angry message before his big win in Arizona last night, inferring that Cruz was playing dirtier than ever before:

So WTF is he talking about? Apparently Cruz’s supporters are making sexy Melania Trump photos into memes. Now, normally we wouldn’t be opposed to this, but considering how sick this election cycle has become, we can’t imagine them being very positive… and that’s just sh*tty to bring someone’s hot wife into her husband’s mess.
But according to GQ, the image Trump is referring to was created by the anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome, not Ted Cruz’s campaign team. Here’s the photo — which clearly states just that:
I mean… things could be worse, right?
The image was featured in a 2000 issue of British GQ, and was reportedly used as a tactic to coerce Mormon voters to pull the level for Cruz during Tuesday’s primary. Sure, it’s a shady way to go about things, but the photo clearly states that the meme isn’t authorized by the candidate or his committee. But you know, reading is hard and it’s completely understandable to be protective of your wife.
Hence Ted Cruz’s response:

Let the games… continue? We guess? CAN IT JUST BE NOVEMBER ALREADY?!



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