This Is What Candice Swanepoel Looks Like Pregnant — Damnit [PHOTOS]

Victoria’s Secret very own Candice Swanepoel seems to be serious about this whole marriage thing with fiancé Hermann Nicoli — because the supermodel just posted a pic on her Instagram account of that cad holding Candice’s belly with a caption declaring, “Hi baby!”
This is insane. Candice has only been dating Hermann for 10 years. They’re clearly rushing into marriage. And now here Candice is announcing that she plans to give birth to Hermann’s kid in early September. Even worse, somebody (probably Hermann) changed the pic’s hashtag of “#babybump” to “#babyangel,” which is just creepy.

Also, this is coming hot on the heels of Behati Prinsloo getting knocked up by Adam Levine, and we don’t like that trend one bit. Candice is just 27 years old, you know. If we were capable of advanced mathematics, we’d figure out how old Candice was when she started dating Hermann and get even more outraged.
Anyway, this seems to be happening, and we suggest that everyone join us in a stroll down Memory Lane courtesy of Candice’s sexiest photos on the internet, or maybe even Candice Swanepoel’s sexiest videos. Then we’re going to watch some romantic comedies and figure out the most charming way to crash the wedding and win her heart without racking up even more legal fees…

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