Sorority Sister Sends Email About Not Bidding "Weird Looking" Girls, Internet Hates Her

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An email from a Bloomsburg University Phi Iota Chi sorority sister explaining why they want to recruit attractive women has gone viral. And wouldn’t you know it? People are trashing on them for that opinion.

But before we get into the email itself (which is really just a Facebook message) let’s give you a little background. We can tell you that the sorority in question is Phi Iota Chi (Pixie), a local sorority that exists at Bloomsburg University. As for Bloomsburg, it’s a school in Pennsylvania known for its parties.

OK caught up? Let’s take a look.

Not too bad, right? Honestly I was ready for a scorched earth take on how ugly girls make the sorority worse and that they’re headed downhill because of all the “weird girls” they’ve bid.

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