FSU's IFC Just Waived Membership Fees For Veterans

Earlier this month, Florida State University‘s Intrafraternity Council (IFC) waived their membership fees for our country’s veterans wanting to join a fraternity. It’s a move that no one was expecting but everyone is loving. From FSUNews:

Earlier this month, the FSU Interfraternity Council passed legislation to waive IFC dues to veterans in fraternities. This legislation aims to set into motion an initiative that provides student veterans with fraternity membership at no cost. This movement falls in line with the strides made across campus to make FSU the most veteran friendly university in the country.

First of all, a big shoutout to FSU’s IFC for taking this big step. American veterans should always be welcomed everywhere, especially into college and Greek Life. Second, props to TotalFratMove for bringing this story to our attention.
As of now, it’s not as though veterans can join fraternities for free–it’s just that their IFC fees are waived. But the FSU IFC is clear in saying that this is just the first step towards a welcoming atmosphere they hope to instill in every fraternity. The school already has a history of Greek Life supporting veterans.
Check out this awesome “return home” video that was shot two years ago.

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