RIP, Lil Marvin? Man At Strip Club Shooting Periscoped His Own Death [VIDEO]

Gunfire broke out at Club Rayne in Tampa, Florida last night — and the one person who was fatally shot might have Periscoped his death. Lil Marvin (aka TroubleMan94) seemed to be having a really good time at the local strip club when the shooting began. You can actually hear the shots at the end of Lil Marvin’s (possibly) final video — as can be found right here. [NSFW only for language; we can’t see any real nudity on the stage, and no violence.]
That video should be up until 2 a.m. tonight. Maybe it’ll be immortalized elsewhere. Sadly, Lil Marv is already being immortalized with some online tributes. The early police reports say that eight people were shot, and one died. Maybe people just got confused in the chaos — but here’s a little taste of Lil Marvin already being remembered…

Periscope videos usually stay up for 24 hours, and police said the 911 call from Club Rayne came in around 2 a.m. Police have speculated that the gunfire started over some kind of disagreement. Lil Marvin sure didn’t seem to be having any problems with anyone. He was just sharing his fabulous life.
We’re sorry to see the guy gone, and we didn’t even know him. We’re cranking this up in our own tribute to Lil Marvin, though. TroubleMan94, RIP…

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