Danielle Jacobs — Viral Video Star With Service Dog — Shot Dead By Police [VIDEO]

Danielle Jacobs became a viral video sensation after posting Youtube footage of her service dog calming her during an emotional meltdown — and now the Asperger’s sufferer has been shot dead by police responding to a suicide call from her home in Mesa, Arizona. Danielle, who was transgendering to live as Kayden Clark, reportedly threatened officers with a knife when they arrived to the residence.
Danielle lived on the same property as her parents, and police had received suicide calls there previously.
Detective Esteban Flores — with the Mesa Police Department — told the Daily News: “When she made contact with them, she approached [two officers] with the knife, extended it out, and they felt threatened.”
Danielle became a viral star after she posted a video of herself being comforted by her service dog, Samson, as seen below. Her beloved Rottweiler is now in the care of her parents….
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io6CoR5ss20]

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