Second Virginia Tech Student Arrested For Murder Of 13-Year-Old

In a bizarre twist, a second Virginia Tech student has been arrested after police took in track star David Eisenhauer, 18, on charges of the abduction and murder of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell — with Natalie Keepers, 19, now charted with helping to hide the young girl’s body.
Nicole had been missing since Tuesday night. Police arrested Eisenhauer on Saturday in his dorm while Nicole was still missing. Charges were upgraded to murder after Nicole’s body was found later that day. Keepers was arrested on Sunday morning.
Both students (seen below in their Montgomery County mugshots) are sophomore engineering majors. Police haven’t released any statements on the relationship between the two Virginia Tech student — but say that the two were close enough for Keepers to have helped move Nicole’s body.

Authorities are also saying that Eisenhauer had known Nicole previously, and Nicole’s family said that the young girl had sneaked out of her bedroom window on Tuesday.
Virginia Tech students had helped in the search for the missing girl. Eisenhauer is currently missing on the roster of the Virginia Tech track team on the college’s website.

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