University Of Oregon 'Anti-Capitalist' Co-Op Needs Cash To Cover Deadbeats

In a startling twist that only Bernie Sanders could explain, the fine anti-capitalists of the University of Oregon’s Campbell House are having some financial difficulties. It turns out that they keep attracting the kind of tenants who are so anti-capitalistic that they keep running off without paying their rent. [photo via…]
“Whether we like it or not, [we] live in a capitalist system and we are all affected by it,” Jimi Wood — the membership and social coordinator of the University of Oregon‘s oldest co-op —told the college’s Daily Emerald in a pretty fascinating article.
That includes a quote from a drummer from a local rock duo who thinks that Campbell House — which is already $17,000 in debt because people aren’t paying their rent — just needs to get some more motivated tenants.
“I thought this would be an artist utopia if the right set of motivated and creative and inspired people lived there,” said rocker Jordan Blaisdell.

As revealed in the article, the anti-capitalists in charge are even motivated to consider renting to capitalists.
“Our major hurdle has been to be more accepting of people who we’re not sure would function well in our community instead of just trying to pre-judge,” Wood told the Emerald. “If we need to, we can ask them to leave later.”
In the meantime, Blaisdell — as a member of The Critical Shakes — is participating in tonight’s big rock show fundraiser for Campbell House. We’re pretty sure that even capitalists are invited to that big party, too.
Also, we recommend checking out that Emerald article. The opening line is, “The Campbell Club’s dish drainer was ‘f–ked.'” That’s our kind of journalism. Look us up when you graduate, Daniel Bromfield!

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