Controversial Video Featuring Nebraska's Phi Kappa Psi Surfaces Online & This Can't End Well

University of Nebraska’s Phi Kappa Psi had some explaining to do after a controversial video featuring a freshman pledge getting the fraternity’s letters branded on his ass by other members surfaced online. The video was first published in May 2014 and has since caused a total sh*tstorm on the Internet.
Here’s what everybody is freaking out about:
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Naturally, this will only continue to hinder the public’s view on collegiate greek life, even despite the video being over a year old.
According to The Daily Nebraskan,

UNL spokesman Steve Smith said in a statement that neither the person who was the subject of the video nor the individual who posted it are currently enrolled at UNL.
“Regardless, the university is taking the actions in this video very seriously,” Smith said. “The appropriate authorities have been notified, and the university will take action at the proper time.”

Phi Kappa Psi president Charlie Costa insists that the brothers have never made pledges brand themselves, and those featured in the video did so voluntarily.
Ah, we’ve heard that story before. But the real issue here is that no one is progressing – if you don’t want something to be seen, DO NOT TAPE IT AND PUT IT ONLINE. Why is that lesson so hard to learn?!
[H/T: Total Frat Move]

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