Clemson Phi Delta Theta Bashing Alabama Car For Charity

The Clemson University Phi Delta Theta brothers are putting their school’s hatred for The University of Alabama to good use by hosting a good, old-fashioned car bashing event to raise money for the Greenville Children’s Hospital.

Location: Wigington Street

The idea is simple: tow a red beater car onto your property, spray paint it with Alabama stuff, then demolish the thing with a sledge hammer. Charge people just $5 to go HAM with endless swings and watch people line up.

When you hear the words “endless swings,” you get the notion that you could single handedly destroy the car. But you’d be wrong. Bashing cars with a sledge hammer is hard work. Obviously the windows are the most satisfying to break, but you’ve got to arrive early in order to get dibs.
As a Phi Delt brother myself, I’m glad to see this kind of behavior. And this kind of behavior:

It’s safe to say that Clemson hasn’t been this hyped for something in a long, long time. So if you’re in Clemson today, we suggest putting your energy towards something positive and destroying that Alabama car.

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