Indiana University ATO Photos of Hazing Video

At Indiana University, a video leaked by accident that involved them hazing their pledges by making them give strippers oral sex for extended periods of time. The video has gone viral.
IU Spokesperson Mark Land says the university hasn’t confirmed the authenticity of the video, but you can see bits of what looks like the yellow floor in between the unattractive strippers and pledges in boxers.

“Allegations of hazing that perpetuates sexual misconduct has been made and will be investigated thoroughly,” Land said in an e-mail.

ATO is not allowed to host or attend social functions during the suspension. They also can’t add new members while the university investigates.
We’ve added a couple of screenshots from the video, but if you’re interested in seeing photos of the actual fraternity house we’re going to point you in the direction of our 20 Best Fraternity Houses of the Midwest, where ATO sits at #14.

UPDATE: Alpha Tau Omega has been suspended.


UPDATE: Alpha Tau Omega claims the subject of the video is NOT a pledge.

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