Lucy Hill, a Leeds Beckett Grad, Receives Dire Blood Transfusion After Moped Accident in Thailand

Lucy Hill, a Leeds Beckett graduate, was in dire need of a blood donor after a tragic moped accident in Chiang Mai, Thailand left her in critical condition. But after her friend made a desperate plea on social media for help, the post went viral, and Hill is on her way back up.
After getting hit by a car that was traveling on the wrong side of the road, Hill was rushed to a nearby Thai hospital in need of an A- blood transfusion. The blood type is incredibly rare, with only 6.3% of the population registered as having it. Unfortunately by the time Hill was admitted, the hospital had run out of the blood type, leaving her travel companion and friend Lauren Hall to raise awareness via Facebook.

Aside from this post, a fundraiser was also been started to raise money for Lucy’s medical expenses, both of which instantly went viral.

According to The Tab, Hill got an overwhelming response, with eager donors queued outside the hospital for two hours before it opened this morning. Thanks to Lauren, Lucy received a transfusion.
According to BBC, Hill remains in intensive care, but is currently “out of immediate danger.” She has since had three blood transfusions and had titanum plates inserted into her pelvis.

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