Abigail Lee Kemp: Hottest Photos of Jewel Thief & Model

Abigail Lee Kemp photos

Abigail Lee Kemp, a pretty hot jewel thief suspected of five robberies, was arrested by the FBI over the weekend in Georgia.
Authorities believe that Abigail, an amateur model who posed for at least one photo shoot back in 2012, stuck up multiple jewelry stores in multiple southern states. As early as last year she was a waitress at Twin Peaks, the same restaurant chain that was the scene of the deadly biker shootout in Waco, TX. You can see one of Abigail’s photo shoot photos below:

It’s believed that Abigail’s first robbery was at Jared’s Vault in Woodstock, GA where she pretended to be an innocent bystander when an armed black man entered the store. Soon, however, she stood up and acted as the lookout when he started emptying the display cases.
After that, Abigail’s spree continued to at least five other stores:

Aug. 11 in Panama City Beach, Fla
Sept. 2 in Bluffton, S.C.
Oct. 16 in Sevierville, Tenn.
Dec. 30 in Macon (failed robbery attempt after a customer entered the store)
Jan. 4 in Mebane, N.C.

During some of those robberies, her accomplice was present. During others, she acted alone. Each time she was seen armed with a handgun.

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