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WATCH: ‘The Simpsons’ Couch Gag Opening: ‘La-Z’ Rider Rules The ’80s [VIDEO]


Simpsons '80s Couch Opening January 10

The Simpsons has a big-deal opening credits segment for tonight’s “Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles” — but people might be distracted by the Golden Globes, so they’re going ahead and pushing it online. That’s okay. In fact, it’s a fine idea for tonight’s ’80s parody. They haven’t crammed in a  lot of things like with Guillermo del Toro’s monstrous opening, but they manage to make things work with a masterful take on Knight Rider and Miami Vice.

Of course, it’s a little weird to think of a show that started in the ’80s parodying the ’80s. Also, it’s kind of depressing to think of how many younger viewers will just think it’s a Grand Theft Auto parody. And, yeah, this probably is better than anything else that’s happened on The Simpsons this season, but there’s still Kung Fury to top…

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