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WATCH: ‘11.2.63’ Trailer For Hulu Stars James Franco And James Earl Ray [VIDEO]


11.22.63 on Hulu Trailer Video

Here’s the first trailer for 11.2.63 — the big-deal Hulu production with James Franco starring in the adaptation of Stephen King’s book about a guy who travels back in time to stop James Earl Ray from assassinating John F. Kennedy, but discovers… well, maybe nothing.

This trailer sure makes it look a lot more like the entire series is about James Franco’s character trying to stop the assassination of JFK. In fact, it looks like a trailer for the first hour of an eight-part miniseries based on the book. Maybe that’s what’s going on here, or maybe Hulu is hoping to drag this out to 24 episodes, because dragging out a story worked so well with Under the Dome on CBS.

Well, maybe you liked Under the Dome. We found the whole thing to be kind of frustrating. Anyway, here’s something that’ll get people binge-watching on President’s Day. That’s this coming February 15th, you know. We’ll be pretty bummed out if Hulu doesn’t post this all at once, of course…

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