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WATCH: Clemson Vs. Alabama Pre-Show — Taiwanese Animator Style [VIDEO]


Clemson vs Alabama National Championship 2016 Taiwanese Animators

Top-ranked Clemson takes on second-ranked Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship this coming Monday night. We wish it would look more like this hallucinogenic take by the notorious Taiwanese Animators. They manage to get in all of the pertinent facts (including that Alabama really has a chance to lose this) while throwing in plenty of baffling imagery.

We’d gladly give up ESPN for a 24-hour sports channel run by these guys. Until then, we’ll have to make do with…um, something that surely doesn’t involve hallucinogenics. Forget we even mentioned that. Just know that we’ll be cheering along for either the Coke bottles or the guys with the bazooka boots. Also, we’ll probably sleep in Tuesday morning…

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