Best of Reddit: Redditors Post Hilarious, SFW Things That Turn Them On

In today’s Reddit news, posters reveal what safe for work sh*t turns them on, and the responses have provided us with entertainment for the last few hours. THANK YOU REDDIT!
Despite the few questionable gifs and photos – including a giraffe sucking on something phallic shaped (ew) and a woman draped in a crocheted blanket laying in a field (WTF?!) – everything was pretty legit. But arousing? We’re still on the fence about that one.
Check out the best responses below.
“Your student loans have been paid off,” she whispers in your ear. – DrewsephVladmir
Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat. – zomboromcom
I just have to mention how I can lick my eyebrows and breathe through my ears. – Stimmolation
If I knew how, I’d make a gif of a cat dressed up like a storm trooper playing Fallout 4 while eating bacon. – TheDandyWarhol
The feeling of someone scratching, with passion, that itch on your back you can’t reach. – go_kart_mozart
Caramel. – DaFuxxDick
Bernie…. Sanders – Novazilla
I cast Lvl 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman. – LordAutumnBottom
Men…..doing housework. – Keetlady 

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