Australian College Student Gives The Most Ridiculous Reason For Why He Should Retake an Exam

There’s officially an excuse worse than “the dog ate my homework” when it comes to sucking at school.
An Australian male student from Adelaide University has taken excuses to a new low after telling his professors that he needed to retake an exam due to period pain.
Either he really needs this education, or he has zero idea about male anatomy.
According to a short news broadcast, university officials were pretty pissed about the excuse – uh, yeah – but are being forced to take it seriously because of the student presenting them with a legitimate medical certificate signed by a doctor.
Does this mean everyone in Australia is straight-up dumb?
Officials are said to be investigating the matter, but according to the school’s website, such exemptions are up to the university’s discretion.
Regardless of his stupidity, you have to hand it to the guy – he’s got serious balls. Not only did he walk into his class with his cocky head in the air and deliver that excuse to his professors, but he also took it to a f*cking doctor, who he somehow conned into writing him an excuse note.
This takes serious skill, and we like to give credit where credit is due.

[H/T: Playboy]

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