WATCH: PSY’s New Music Video for “DADDY” is Better Than “Gangnam Style”


PSY Daddy Music Video
PSY released a new music video that’s better than his hit “Gangnam Style.” And by better, we mean way f*cking weirder.

Titled “DADDY,” the bizarre Korean rapper sings about everything he got from his Dad (in a non-creepy way, apparently), in the song that was co-written with It’s essentially a remix of the singer’s “I Got It From My Mama,” which was a hit amongst middle school girls everywhere.

The video was only posted a few hours ago, but already boasts 248,000 views. Probably because there’s a lot of this going on:

Don’t mind the underage kids nearby, PSY!

Yet somehow, that’s not even the creepiest part – in an earlier scene, PSY photo-imposed his head on an infant. Annnnnnd now I’m scarred for life.

Check out the full video below.

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