WATCH: And Here’s The Weirdest Christmas Commercial Of 2015… [VIDEO]

Edeka Christmas Commercial 2015 Video

Christmas commercials 2015—we’ll be hearing a lot about them as various ad agencies see this as a big chance to win a Clio with some sentimentality. That’s not just an American thing, either. Every year brings in a slew of European chain stores with their own Christmas traditions of commercials designed to bring a tear to your eye and their logo to mind.

The execs at the German supermarket chain EDEKA, however, have really pushed the envelope. We started watching this commercial thinking it was going to be a tearjerker that was clearly influenced by the first several minutes of Pixar’s Up. No. It is not that. This commercial is something much weirder.

We don’t want to give anything away. Let’s just say that EDEKA’s message for Christmas is that it’s time to return back home — by hook or by crook, it seems….


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