Nina Agdal: Hottest Photos for Leonisa Mystery Bra [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Nina Agdal is modeling the new Mystery bra for the Leonisa lingerie line, and that reminds us that we’re very open-minded and not just committed to ladies working the Victoria’s Secret lingerie line. In fact, we encourage all models to keep expanding their horizons and work for every lingerie line available. Especially now that we’re getting videos like Nina’s, too…
The only mystery to that video is that the shots are using such a soft focus. We saw Nina out in public a few months ago. She doesn’t need soft focus. Save that stuff for Jane Fonda and Barbra Streisand.
Nina’s looking just fine–which is why we’ve added some print ads for the Mystery line below, as well as our favorite video stills from Nina’s Mystery shoot. You’ll see that one of the designs is called “Hipster.” We suddenly like hipsters again…

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