The 20 Most Impressive Fraternity Houses In The South [PHOTOS]

The 20 Most Impressive Fraternity Houses in the South-2

There’s a good reason why people believe fraternity life in the South is different than anywhere else in the country–because it is.

Generally speaking, things (including fraternity houses, tailgates, and parties) are much bigger and more impressive once you get closer to the equator, so we thought it’d be appropriate if we started our new feature where we rank fraternity houses with frat castles south of the Mason-Dixon line.

In order to properly rank these twenty fraternity houses, we listed (when available) size, number of beds, amenities, and what makes each house so impressive. Most importantly, we also pulled together a comprehensive gallery of each house to give you the best feel for how awesome these houses really are.

This is the first of a series of fraternity house rankings broken down by region (West Coast, Midwest, North East) so make sure to check back for more. FYI, we’re considering Missouri “Midwest.” For now, enjoy the 20 Most Impressive Fraternity Houses In The South.

ZBT - Texas (10)

#20 -Zeta Beta Tau

#20: Zeta Beta Tau (Lambda Chapter)


Amenities: New swimming pool (only one on West Campus), full-sized basketball court, huge outdoor patio, outdoor bandstand

What makes it so great: It doesn’t have as much history as some of the older houses on campus but make no mistake about it: ZBT throws some of the best parties on campus. Why do you think Johnny Football showed up there to play beer pong and smoke weed (allegedly?). The fact that they’ve got the only swimming pool on West Campus also doesn’t hurt matters. Their patio also houses an outdoor bandstand which works out really well for massive events like Round Up.


Emory - ZBT

#19 -Zeta Beta Tau

#19: Zeta Beta Tau (Eta Lambda Chapter)


What makes it so great: Easily the nicest house on Emory’s campus, ZBT’s fraternity dwarfs the competition. It might not look all that big from the front but it’s very deep in the back.
The sheer size of their house helps them throw some of the best parties on campus. A combination of the brothers and size of their house has helped them rise through the ranks, despite being one of the youngest chapters on campus.


North Texas - Sig Phi Epsilon

#18 - Sig Epsilon

#18: Sig Epsilon (Texas Alpha Chapter)


Size: 12,000 square feet
Number of Beds: Sleeps 26 brothers
Amenities: Exterior balcony, computer lab, backyard and massive dining room / entertainment center
What makes it so great: The University of North Texas might not get as much shine as a place like UT, but make no mistake about it: Sig Epsilon is representing to the fullest. Biggest house on campus and their large backyard allows for things like volleyball tournaments, day parties, and some serious grilling.


Phi Gamma Delta - Texas (1)

#17 - Phi Gamma Delta

#17: Phi Gamma Delta (Tau Deauteron Chapter)


Size: 22,000+ square feet (largest in the nation)

Number of Beds: 20 one-man bedrooms

Amenities: Covered parking, elevated deck, breezeway, two buildings

What makes it so great: Not only is FIJI’s Texas chapter the former Governor’s Mansion, “Buen Retiro” is getting a $6 million redesign that should be ready for sometime soon.

We’ve got some photos of the plans in the gallery below, but the important thing to know is that once construction is completed the brothers will be living in two houses that connect through an outdoor patio. Brothers also claim this will be the largest fraternity house in square feet in the nation.


Sigma Nu - Ole Miss (1)

#16 - Sigma Nu

#16: Sigma Nu (Epsilon Xi Chapter)


Amenities: Pool in the backyard, wraparound porch in the back

What makes it so great: Have you seen the footage from their Woodstock party last year? Absolutely wild. But since rumor has it that dues are $4k a semester, that’s what you get. For those of you who don’t know, both Eli and Archie Manning (Ole Miss royalty) were Sigma Nu brothers. Eli’s composite is still visible, but no word on Archie’s.

Obviously the pool and back patio are the biggest draw to their house (besides the brothers and history) but don’t sleep on that wraparound porch (which was smartly kept a safe distance from the pool)–it gives you a prime location to check out the sorority ladies from above.


Delta Tau Delta - University of Georgia (1)

#15 - Delta Tau Delta

#15: Delta Tau Delta (Beta Delta Chapter)


What makes it so great: The house is the largest at UGA, which is impressive in its own right. Yes, it’s a little removed from the campus but that just means they can be rowdier. If you’re visiting Georgia for the weekend, make sure to stop by DTD.


UCF - Sigma Chi


#14: Sigma Chi (Eta Pi Chapter)


Size: 11,000 sq ft. +

Amenities: Outdoor basketball court, outdoor volleyball court

What makes it so great: The house is pretty much everything you’d want from a fraternity at UCF–the only problem is that Sigma Chi is currently on suspension until Spring 2016. That being said, expect them to come back very strong when they return. Promise of prime location, plus the nicest digs on campus are always a good way to recruit.


Arkansas - Pi Kappa Alpha


#13: Pi Kappa Alpha (Alpha Zeta Chapter)


Size: Largest on campus

Number of Beds: 68

Amenities: Boardroom and library, roof deck, upper multi-use parking deck

What makes it so great: You probably heard about plans for this house over a year ago when this video rendering of the PIKE house started getting passed around. It’s nothing short of amazing. And while it’s the one house on this list you wouldn’t immediately know is a fraternity house, we really like the look.

Construction is still a little ways off from finishing but chances are that this time next year, so we’re holding off from putting it higher on the list–but by this time next year you can expect to see it within the top ten.


SAE Vanderbilt

#12 - Sigma Alpha Epsilon

#12: Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Nu Chapter)


What makes it so great: First off, a tip of the ol’ visor to the Vanderbilt SAE brothers for calling a true “frat castle” home. It’s a Civil War era building with turrets, towers, the whole nine yards.
The problem right now is that it’s currently under a much-needed renovation after a bunch of drunk alumni destroyed the place. Plans for construction are available for you to see below and we suggest taking a look. An amazing mixture of new and old will put SAE right back on top.
Maybe Brad Paisley will film his next music video there once it’s all built. He did it before with “American Saturday Night.”


Georgia Tech - Theta Chi

#11 - Theta Chi

#11: Theta Chi (Alpha Nu Chapter)


Number of Beds: 44

Amenities: Pool, patio, pool table, ping pong tables, rec room

What makes it so great: This brand-new fraternity house built by Hug & Associates is one of the freshest looking fraternity houses in the country. Not only does it feature state-of-the-art facilities, it can house up to 44 fraternity brothers. Sure, the ping pong tables, massive dining rooms and chapter rooms are a plus, but the real party’s out back in the patio–that’s where the pool is.


UA - Fiji

#10 - Phi Gamma Delta

#10: Phi Gamma Delta (Theta Chapter)


What makes it so great: It’s no surprise that the second-oldest house on campus also happens to be one of the best. Both the pledges and brothers take the upkeep of their house very seriously (don’t f*ck with the ivy) and it shows.

Oh and did we mention that they’re literally right across the street from Bryant-Denny stadium? You’d be hard-pressed to find a better place on game day than Alabama’s FIJI.


UK - Sigma Alpha Epsilon

#9 - Sigma Alpha Epsilon

#9: Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Kentucky Epsilon)


Size: 45,000+ sq ft
Number of Beds: Sleeps 52 brothers
Amenities: 2 media rooms, library, basketball court, weight room, pool table, full kitchen.
What makes it so great: Not only does this massive house come complete with everything a bro could ask for (props for the weight room), it’s also well-maintained on the outside and inside. That’s why it plays host to the Miss Kentucky contestants who stay at the “house during the summer and comment on the ‘Disney Princess’ staircase. The fact that the pageant girls want to stay at our house says a lot about the quality and upkeep of the house. The huge backyard/porch setup is pretty awesome as well.”
The house was built in part by donations from UK SAE alumni William T Young (founder of JIF peanut butter), Chris Sullivan (founder of Outback Steakhouse chain), and Joe Craft (CEO of Alliance Resource Partners).


Theta Chi - UF (16)

#8 - Theta Chi

#8: Theta Chi (Tau Chapter)


Size: 20,ooo+ sq. ft.

Number of Beds: 60

What makes it so great: Theta Chi was the first fraternity house built at Florida, so it was in some dire need of fixing. Not anymore, though, because now the Tau Chapter is playing with a seriously impressive house. Not only do they have a detatched multi-purpose building in the back of their house specifically designed for parties, their patio offers all the comforts a fraternity brother could need.

An admittedly nice touch was keeping some elements of the old house in the new one. Bricks from the facade of the first house are now used in the chapter room and the door handle from the front door is now encased within a table in the chapter room.



#7 - Alpha Tau Omega

#7: Alpha Tau Omega (Beta Delta Chapter)


Size: 33,783

Number of Beds: 40 rooms

Amenities: Walled-in outdoor patio/basketball court, massive library, TV room, pool table

What makes it so great: As soon as you see the ATO house at Alabama you can’t help but feel impressed. The double staircase leading up to the foyer, the massive greek columns and large windows just scream “Frat Castle.” And as you would expect from the tall windows on the 2nd floor, the ceilings are incredibly high (always a plus). Most of the partying goes on in either the multi-purpose room or back patio, but with four floors you’re sure to find something everywhere.


Georgia Tech - Beta Theta Pi

#6 - Beta Theta Pi

#6: Beta Theta Pi (Gamma Eta Chapter)


Amenities: Pool table, expansive living room
What makes it so great: Any fraternity house that can win a design award is worthy of lots of attention. Luckily the Betas can give it that attention because they moved back into their house this semester after a short suspension. From what we hear they’re a little short on brothers but that just means that there’s more room in the house to rage.
It’s one of the newer finished fraternity houses in the nation, and even though GT greek life isn’t the craziest thing in the world, you can’t argue that the Betas’ house isn’t one of the nicest in the South.


USC - Chi Psi

#5 - Chi Psi

#5: Chi Psi (Alpha Beta Chapter)


Amenities: Upstairs terrace, three stories, massive lawn, closest to the fields, massive bedrooms, palm trees (so frat)
What makes it so great: Without a doubt, Chi Psi’s fraternity house is the best in Columbia, SC. Not only is their house the only three-floor structure in the Greek Village, their upstairs terrace in the back is probably the greatest place to day drink (drinking on the lawn is illegal bc all of the “Greek Village” is dry). The place just screams “fraternity” when you see it.



#4 - Pi Kappa Alpha

#4: Pi Kappa Alpha (Delta Lambda Chapter)


Size: 39, 500 sq. ft.

Number of Beds: 165

What makes it so great: At one time, this fraternity house was the largest in the country. While it no longer holds that record, FSU’s PIKE house is nothing to scoff at–not only because it’s the home of Famous Jameis but also because it’s design allows it to be one of the best places to party for game days.

This is easily one of the more famous houses in the country for both its’ day parties and size. Check out the photos below for photographic evidence of what this beast looks like when it’s in party-mode.



#3 - Sigma Alpha Epsilon

#3: Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Mother Mu Chapter)


Amenities: Outdoor basketball court, two separate buildings
What makes it so great: It’s fitting that the birthplace of one of the greatest fraternities in the nation is also one of the most impressive houses in the nation. Unfortunately we couldn’t find much information about the interior of the house, but we’re taking it on good faith that the inside is just as awesome as the outside.


Georgia Tech - Kappa Sig

#2 - Kappa Sigma

#2: Kappa Sigma (Alpha Tau Chapter)


Number of Beds: 48 beds

Amenities: “The Pit” (brand new party room), built-in bar, huge outdoor patio

What makes it so great: Also built by Hug and Associates, this brand-new fraternity house is dominated by a room known as “The Pit,” a multi-level party room designed to look like some mix between an arcade and a bar. The decor is little aggressive (understated is more “fratty” in our opinion) but you can’t knock ’em for the enthusiasm.



#1 - Pi Kappa Alpha

#1: Pi Kappa Alpha (Gamma Alpha Chapter)


Amenities: Pool room, marble flooring, outdoor patio w/ covered walkways, upper terrace, basketball court

What makes it so great: Alabama has the greatest and most impressive fraternity houses in the South (Roll Tide), so Pi Kappa Alpha should be especially proud they live in the most impressive house on campus.

The terrace above the door (plus rocking chairs) lets visitors and rushees know that this house should be taken seriously, while the outdoor seating area in the middle of the house provides more than enough space to get their gameday on.

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