UL Student Kyle Hornback Discusses Motivation Behind Katina Powell Lawsuit

University of Louisville student and Miss COED 2016 contestant, Kyle Hornback filed a lawsuit against former escort Katina Powell on Thursday and is opening up about what led to her decision.
Powell alleged that she was hired to organize parties and have sex with the University of Louisville basketball team, high school recruits, and their fathers. She wrote a book, Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen detailing these experiences.

“I knew that she was not able to profit off her crime. Since there has been so much controversy over this scandal lately and everyone has been talking about how bad the University looks because of it, I wanted to change that and prevent her from making money at our expense,” Hornback explained.
Some people are saying that Powell’s accusations are false; however, Hornback and her lawyer, Nader George Shunnarah, are taking her at face value.
“There’s no way I can say for sure that any of this actually happened. However, we are taking her at her word for it and assuming that the allegations are true. Regardless of the truth of the matter, she is still promoting prostitution,” she said.
Hornback has never participated in these parties, yet she’s concerned that her future degree will be damaged because of Powell’s allegations.
“There is statistical research that shows in different situations how instances like this have affected people indirectly. Since this scandal damages the reputation of the University and all of its students, my degree – along with the degrees of all UofL students – has been devalued. When a third-party interferes with a contract (between myself and the university), I have a legal right under the Constitution to file a lawsuit.”
Despite what many have been calling an unnecessary and quite bluntly, a stupid lawsuit, “My fellow classmates and even professors have been incredibly supportive throughout the past few days…my family and friends are also very positive about all of it. There will always be negativity and hateful people, but everyone at UofL seems to stand behind me.”
So what exactly does Hornback hope to achieve from this lawsuit?
“My goal is to prevent Powell and IBJ from profiting off of her crimes. If we are successful, I think that this may be the only positive thing that comes out of the scandal.”

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