Letter Posted In Michigan Ladies Room Accuses Jabrill Peppers Of Having STD

Jabrill Peppers STD Letter

A University of Michigan student Tweeted a photo of a letter addressed to Jabrill Peppers (a University of Michigan Wolverines safety) that accuses him of giving her chlamydia. It’s definitely a strange story and the letter deserves to be read. [lead image via Getty Sports / Leon Halip]

According to Katy (the woman who posted it to Twitter, not the woman who “wrote” it), this accusation was “Posted in the girls bathroom at UMich.” No word on which bathroom yet but we’re guessing Michigan has more than one ladies room.

Posted in the girls bathroom at UMich. @ Jabrill Peppers pic.twitter.com/5KurJBxnQb

— kt (@gaytee) October 26, 2015

Of course, Jabrill has his own comments.

The slander is crazy. My word is all I have, I will continue to walk w. my chest and chin high. People love bringing someone down. #prayedup

— JP (@JabrillPeppers) October 26, 2015

Whether or not you choose to believe the story, this letter harkens us back to the days of adderall and all-nighters, where people would write long-winded rants on anything that wasn’t their final paper.

Jabril Peppers STD Letter

Again, this accusation is just an accusation but you can bet your ass that Jabrill will probably be using a condom for the rest of his time at Michigan.

Update: Apparently this letter has about 5,000 copies that were passed around Mason Hall.

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