Margaret Qualley: 22 Hottest Photos of the 'Leftovers' Star

Margaret Qualley is back for the second season of HBO’s The Leftovers–which puts a lot of the show’s biggest fans at ease as the series’ main storyline moves to Texas. Many men have wanted to comfort her character of Jill Garvey, who’s been awfully downcast ever since 2% of the world’s population disappeared in what might have been The Rapture.

Margaret herself was born into a pretty swell world. She’s the daughter of actress Andie MacDowell, who was married at the time to male model Paul Qualley. That’s some good breeding. The Leftovers has pretty much been her big debut, but Margaret’s haunting role and sexy ways have already got her set for a role in the upcoming film The Nice Guys–which has plenty of buzz as a tough noir story set in the porn industry of 1970s Los Angeles.
We’re looking forward to seeing plenty of Margaret in that–but for now, you can see plenty of Margaret Qualley in this collection of hot photos that don’t leave very many leftover…

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